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 Athletes Foot

Symptoms of Athletes Foot

The typical symptoms are cracked, flaking, peeling skin between the toes or side of the foot. Other symptoms may include > red and itchy skin> burning or stinging pain> Blisters that ooze or get crusty. Athletes' foot fungus may spread to your nails, they will become discolored and thick and/or even crumble ( see yellowed nail below) .........possibly requiring a surgeons' intervention. Athletes foot may occur at the same time as other skin fungal viral or bacterial infections including as ringworm or jock itch.

 Causes, incidence, and risk factors of Athlete's Foot

 Athlete's foot occurs when a certain group of fungi grow on your skin. In addition to the toes, it may also occur on the heels, palms and between the fingers and toes. Also the fungus under your finger nail or toe nail (subplate) may be a form of athletes foot.

Effective Treatment for Athletes Foot and other Fungi

Using FootDefend to Treat Athlete's foot and other Fungal Infections of the hands or feet.
Athlete's Foot usually appears on the feet as a red, itchy rash that eventually dries and cracks the skin leaving it painful and unsightly. FootDefend is extremely effective for the treatment of Athlete's Foot. Soak the effected foot (feet) daily. When the skin becomes smoot and calm, soak your feet five (5) minutes every other day. Continued use will prevent any other infections and promote good foot health.
Athlete's foot is a communicable disease caused by the parasitic fungus Trichphyton genus, predominantly Trichophyton rubrum or Trichophyton mentagrophyes. Athlete's foot is transmitted in moist environments where people are barefoot, showers, locker rooms pool decks etc. Athlete's foot can also be transmitted by sharing footwear with an infected person or, less commonly sharing towels with an infected person. The various parasitic fungi that cause athlete's foot can also cause skin infections on other areas of the body; such as the hands or subnail plates of the toe nail ( shown below).
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