How to use Foot Defend
Step #1
Step #2
 Pour the whole contents of the bottle into the bath
 Put your Feet or Hands in the bath to soak
Users of FootDefend advise they have found that it works the best for them if they leave the bath under their bed and use it just before going to sleep. Your frequency and duration of usage will vary. For instance if you have a severe condition you will require 20 minutes a day every day until you start to notice improvement. Then you can vary both the duration of the soak and the frequency eg (every other
day). Users generally hold there feet over the open bath to let the drips return to the bath and then towel off your hands or feet.
The contents are earth friendly chemicals that are close to the water molecule and will not harm the environment. This product can be poured down your toilet and flushed or used as an insecticide in the garden. The plastic bottle and the bath are food grade plastic ( no BHA) after a good washing can be used for food or milk or juice. The lid of the bath has a month by month indicator.
Subplate nail fungus: Is the hardest to treat of all foo or hand ailements it may take up to 10 months to totally eradicate your infection. This is the same amount of time as any oral medication or homeopathic remedies.
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