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 Fix your Hands and Feet

 Foot and Hand Disease Treatment

FootDefend is made from three (3) off-the-shelf long known disinfectant solutions that eliminates the full spectrum of viral, fungal and bacterial agents.
 What are the properties of FOOTDEFEND!
 How long will FootDefend last?
  Foot Defend can last up to 3 months, however, if it used for extremely infected feet/hands and/or heels
  that are severly cracked and bleeding, FootDefend will have to be replaced more often. For severe nail subplate fungal infection it will take you 10 months and 3 to 4 bottles of FootDefend. Severely cracked and bleeding hard skin on your heels may take a month.
 Ongoing benefits using FOOTDEFEND!
Most of us have busy life styles and depend on our feet for support and pendular locomotion. Constantly, our feet are subject to
many infections, viruses and fungal organisms. A weekly 10 minute soak if there are no apparrant foot or hand issues will prevent
any foreign organisms from finding a new home and will reduce any hard skin build up.
 How Do I Dispose of Foot Defend?
FootDefend can be flushed down the toilet or sink, wherever you live! Foot Defend can be used as an eco friendly aphid killer. FOOTDEFENDs composition is very close to the water molecule and will disipate readily in the environment with zero impact.
However, do not dispose of in a closed septic system, it will terminate all of the digestive bacteria and enzymes.

Plastic container and bottle.
 The plastic bottle and the plastic foot and hand bath are made in Canada and of the very best food garde plastic, with no BHA or BHHA. A run through the dishwasher or a high temperature hand washing will allow both of these items to be used as food and or beverage containers.
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